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Innovation and Hi-Tech Specialist


Trevor is skilled in commercialising ideas especially in the field of innovation and hi-technology. His skills involve analysis of current or older processes and determining how these processes may be re-worked to include more efficient mechanisms to solve the business problems which stem from the market.

He has extensive management/directorship experience combined with development/testing experience. He has employed a range of staff from developers, drivers, warehouse staff, testers, designers, analysts, and artists.

Most recently he has worked in web scraping e-commerce data to build a relational database or prices. These prices may then be used to establish the best market price for a product. This solution (Soogr) is similar to Google Shopping. The key difference is that in Soogr cleans data and provides extensive data cleaning to work out the market price.

Prior to the current project, Trevor worked in FinTech and solved problems relating to raising money using new technologies (crowdfunding). This project was aimed at real estate investments and focused on rental returns, selling shares in houses/flats, and capital returns.

Before the aforementioned projects, Trevor worked in Intelligent Transport Systems (Internet of Things) which involved analysis and prediction of transportation systems when they start to use V2V and V2I systems.

Trevor previously worked on a Natural Language Processing project which involved sentiment analysis from social media data. He has extensive e-commerce experience generally and experience of building accountancy based systems.

Trevor's outside work interests are yoga, studying, history, rambling, and community affairs.


From Managing Director to Developer




Internet of Things

Big Data



Physics B.Sc., Control and IT M.Sc., Graduate Diploma in Law

University of Southampton

Bachelor of Science (2:1) - Graduated: 1986

As an undergraduate Trevor studied 24 modules to graduate in Physics from one of the UK's top universities.


Master of Science- Graduated: 1996

Trevor studied as the world renowned Control Systems Centre in which he studied all forms of control systems and theory. The degree involved extensive mathematics and analsysis.

College of Law

Graduate Diploma in Law - Graduated: 2012

Trevor studied on a part-time basis at the well known College of Law. He studied all the core elements of law and specialised in wills and insurance law in course assignments.

University of Exeter

Doctor of Philosophy Studied: 1996-1997

Trevor researched mathematical modelling of coal transportation and taught undergraduates.


Big Data, E-commerce, FinTech, IoT, Intelligent Systems, and Legacy


Internet - 2003 - Current

Trevor had held the role of director in various companies specialising in innovation. Much of the work has been in Big Data, e-commerce, Internet of Things, Intelligent Systems, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Accountancy systems. He had designed systems which use various database systems such as DB2, Oracle, Mongo, Cassandra, SQL SERVER, MySQL, and MS ACCESS. He had worked extensively with .NET (4.5), MVC, C#, Java.

Freelancer Developer

Banks - 1997 - 2003

Trevor worked in large banks converting and migrating large systems. He used Oracle, DB2, Smalltalk, COBOL, Java, CGI/Perl, C.


Software Companies 1986 - 1997

Trevor worked in client facing roles working on various systems for large companies such as Vauxhall Motors, General Motors, American Express, Deposity Trust Company, and Canon Europa. He worked on legacy systems using COBOL, IMS, DL1, JCL, SQL, DB2, REXX, CLIST, DOS, Assembler, Focus, UFO and RPG.


Big Data and e-commerce.


Trevor may be contacted as stipulated below.

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50b Inverness Ave, Westcliff, SS0 9DY

01702 341 554